March 14, 2011

We, as a Sanfilippo family, have had a very rough month. Stephanee, Sarah, Jasmine and now Bailey have all passed away. Rachel is still in the hospital. The girls who passed away range from 12 to 15 years of age. I know that the sufferment that their parents face will last a life time. Those smiling, innocent and loving faces, so full of love and joy now bring their parents moments of agony and pain. I feel these deaths with such intensity, I have never met these families but they are part of me and my life. Please continue to keep these families in your prayers. As I write about such painful events, I am uplifted by the strength and character of these families. They lift their heads high, even in the depth of their sorrows, to help others understand the joy and happiness that their loved one's shared with the world. If you have ever met Will or any of the children affected with Sanfilippo, you know what I mean. Even with all of their physical and mental issues, they shine bright among us all! They are some of the greatest teachers you will ever know. Things of great importance to most of us, monetary success, personal apperance, means nothing to these children. They love fully and unconditionally, they laugh from deep within, they cry when it hurts, no drama, no pretence, they are who they are. I hope that I learn the lessons I am to learn from all of this pain. I hope that I am given the grace that is needed to make it through this life with unconditional love and kindness. I hope that I can be the person, Will loves me for being, to all people. Try to be the person God intended at least for today and honor the lives of these young women. For me, I will try to be that person today and every day that follows...

As always, thank you for checking in on us and PLEASE continue to pray for a cure.

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